• 2008 | Fascinated by Linux and OSS software

    They say that sometimes you can "kill two birds with one stone" and that's exactly what happened when i met my wife. Besides of meeting my soul-mate i was accidentally introduced to Linux because of her studies on the platform. I loved the idea of free and open source software that is built to serve humanity so i am using Linux software ever since.

    In particular my favourite distro is Ubuntu which i believe it to be the best operating system of all and that's where i do all my work everyday. Linux introduced me also to LibreOffice, the well known office suite, GIMP which is a great alternative to Adobe's Photoshop and KDEnlive an excellent video editor which i use for my YouTube channel videos.

    Learn more about Ubuntu: https://www.ubuntu.com
  • At your service...

    That was a brief analysis of what Chris Karasoulis can do. If you like what you see there is more! Using the form below, you can ask for a printable PDF version of my CV, where you can find even more details about my knowledge, experience, hobbies and other details.

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    Thessaloniki, Greece