• 2006 | My first real job

    Even before finishing my main studies on Physical Education & Sports Science, a great job opportunity came and helped me enter the labor market. An international transport company that is owned by family members asked me to fill in an empty space in the Imports Department and that's more than i did.

    The job description was getting information of new shipments, communicating with clients and suppliers and ultimately organizing them for the Traffic Department in order to load the goods. In no time, i also became the IT manager of the company, helping finding new ways to work even better and with less fuss.

    One of the changes i proposed was an online information system that helps every member in any branch of the company be instantly informed about mostly anything. It started as a demo project but it became the company's key element which is used until today. Did i mention that it cost the company zero money?
  • At your service...

    That was a brief analysis of what Chris Karasoulis can do. If you like what you see there is more! Using the form below, you can ask for a printable PDF version of my CV, where you can find even more details about my knowledge, experience, hobbies and other details.

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    Thessaloniki, Greece