• 2012 | The Dr. Android project begins...

    The journey of blogging started with a generic Blogger blog that i used to store articles for later reading. In that time there were no apps for that! Many people started visiting this blog which made me wonder what it would be like if i started writting my own articles. In order to test myself in this task i applied for practice at another well known at the time technology blog in Greece.

    Some years later the Dr. Android project begun and became one of the greatest Android oriented websites in Greece. Its main purpose is to help users learn what their smartphones can really do, how to extend their features and  lifespan. Today Dr. Android hosts many categories of articles and can help beginners and advanced smartphone owners use their phones a little better.

    You can visit it here: https://www.doctorandroid.gr/
  • At your service...

    That was a brief analysis of what Chris Karasoulis can do. If you like what you see there is more! Using the form below, you can ask for a printable PDF version of my CV, where you can find even more details about my knowledge, experience, hobbies and other details.

    Thanks for reading!


    Thessaloniki, Greece