• 2007 | College graduation

    When the time came to decide what i should study, i thought that teaching was really my thing. At the time i loved Sports and Mathematics so i tried to get involved with one of these two sciences. Although i achieved the score to get into Mathematics department at the University of Samos, the school was far away from home and i couldn't afford to go there.

    So the Sports Science won me over and here i am a full-fledged Professor of Physical Education and Sports. When i found out what i could become graduating from this school i chose:

    1. Outdoor activities and hotel entertaining, which is a major about organizing groups people in order to have fun outdoors. The main training i had was on mounteneering, skiing and rock climbing.
    2. Greek traditional dances, to honor my roots and basically because i love it.

    The whole experiece taught me how to communicate with people of all ages, how to organize groups successfully and how to educate them by using multiple teaching and fun methods.
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    Thessaloniki, Greece