• 2017 | Built my own Greek speaking voice assistant!

    When Google presented the idea of an assistant that can manage daily tasks with voice commands, i was truly fascinated. As always Google had no plans to bring this excellent feature to my native language so i decided to make an assistant of my own!

    Using Tasker and Google TTS service i managed to create a Greek listening / speaking assistant that can: 

    • place calls, 
    • send and read my messages aloud, 
    • give me driving directions to any place, 
    • toggle switches on my Android device,
    • take photos,
    • open apps,
    • search the internet,
    • show me useful information like the weather and sports scores,
    • toggle the lights and other smart home devices,
    • set alarms and keep the time for me...

    He is a little rude though but only if you are rude at him! I have to be careful...

  • At your service...

    That was a brief analysis of what Chris Karasoulis can do. If you like what you see there is more! Using the form below, you can ask for a printable PDF version of my CV, where you can find even more details about my knowledge, experience, hobbies and other details.

    Thanks for reading!


    Thessaloniki, Greece