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My Truth

Some people say "Don't be a know-it-all, but a learn-it-all" and that's exactly how i'm driven through life. I believe that with patience and persistence any goal is reachable and that happens mostly with good teamwork.

Human relations and cooperation are also key for a happy life, so one of my personal goals is to make people around me happy.

  • Thessaloniki, Greece

My Professional Skills

A skill set is obtained by both experience and studies and for me it's a never-ending process of evolution. If i could evaluate my own skills, this would be my progress till now.

Leadership 75%
Communication 95%
Collaboration 85%
Time management 90%
Easy Learning 100%

Website Building

Self-tought HTML, CSS and a bit of Javascript. Experimented on some website building and designing but mostly repairing and adding features to websites and blogs. That's the hard thing.

Dpt. Management

Gained from my position as head of "Insurance, damages and claims" department on road transport. It's basically a tug of war where you must keep a balance between the company's profit, the client's needs and the insurance company's respect.

Project Management

Aquired from the creation and maintenance of the "Dr. Android project". This includes building the template, journaling for everyday's arthrography, producing videos, writting extensive how-to articles, providing support to readers and keeping advertizers happy.

Great execution skills

Gained from changing positions and duties at my job on road transport. When the company needed my skills in various postitions i was there to fill in the blanks. History showed that transitions were always smooth and my performance was absolutely great.

Public Speaking

Aquired from my presence on the "Technology for all" web-TV show on Star Channel and my speeches and workshops at the GreekLug and the University of Macedonia.

Great adapting abilities

Challenge accepted! The past has shown that whenever i challenged myself even in "uncharted territories" there was a good rate of success. Having a never-ending appetite for knowledge gave me the tools to overcome personal and work problems.

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  • My websites

    Website building is something fascinating. The idea of making something from scratch and then using it as a tool or to promote a person, a business or a cause is simply amazing. Even if i don't do this as daily basis job, you can see some of my creations listed here.

    Mare Monte Small Boutique Hotel

    Technopolitan Podcast


  • 2018 | Studied the basics of cryptocurrency

    Bitcoin and the whole idea of cryptocurrency took me by storm. I tried to learn everything from the web about crypto and the blockchain so when i saw the University of Nicosia offering a MOOC about it, i was totaly sold.

    In a nutshell the teachers explained everything about the cryptocurrency frenzy, starting from how coinage was created and finishing with the advantages of cryptocurrency against fiat currencies. It's a fascinating topic that will be useful in the future.
  • 2017 | Entered the 3D printing era!

    The idea of creating your own stuff out of thin air is simply amazing! So when i saw the Creality CR10 3D printer i immediately fell in love with it. I printed a great number of stuff including physical games, tools and everyday objects. Not everything went as planned and that's the beauty of a DIY project but the joy of creation was always fulfilling.

    I still use my printer for less projects to be honest but i am constantly looking for new exciting things on Thingverse.
  • 2017 | First (?) YouTube Live review in Greece

    One day it came out of nowhere!

    Why not make a live video unboxing and review on YouTube, where people can ask directly their questions for what they 're watching?

    Maybe i was the first in Greece to do this and that's what people told me but nevertheless it was a great idea that brought Dr. Android closer to it's community. The project stopped due to technical difficulties but while it lasted was greatly embraced.

    For the record this was the first live video, broadcasted on 19/04/2017:

  • 2017 | Studied Android network penetration testing

    After all these years blogging about Android, Google's operating system became a part of me. More topics emerged such as Android network penetration technics. It is something i searched in the past using Linux laptops but the ability to hack anything from a pocket sized device was mind blowing.

    So i found a course on StackSkills and started experimenting on my own devices using NetHunter. I tried all sorts of attacks such as ARP Poisoning and MITM attacks in order to get acquainted with network protection, finally to be able to protect myself against other black hat hackers.
  • 2016 | Technopolitan Podcast is here!

    Considering myself an opinionist i created Dr. Android in order to share my thoughts on one of my greatest interests, the Android platform. When my friends Salih and Vasilis asked me to start a podcast together i found the opportunity to talk about my other tech-love, the Linux platform. Thus the Technopolitan Podcast was created in which we 're "fighting" every time to... impose our opinion to one another.

    This podcast is in Greek language and we try to keep a loose and friendly atmosphere. It's a project we started with main goal to do something that we love, to entertain our listeners and at the same time educate anyone interested in the same things we do.

  • 2016 | Learned the basics of bash scripting and the comand line

    In 2016 my interests leaned over Linux again. This time i needed to learn more about the command line and bash scripting. My main goal was to get aquainted with simple tasks such as manipulating files and folders in order to create automated bash scripts for my backup and other needs.

    The answer came once again from the beautiful work at Codecademy. I just rolled in the "Learn the command line" course and the job was done!
  • 2015 | Mastered web coding skills

    Three years after Dr. Android came to shake my interests, where i forced myself to learn the basics of HTML in order to improve the site's template, i found out that web programming was my thing too. I started by completing Codecademy's respective course but that was not enough.

    I searched and tried many other courses but the one that made me master the skill was "The complete Web Developer Course" on Udemy. It's an extremely well done set of lectures that can teach anyone how to build websites. After completing it i managed to build several websites as an exercise and started earning some extra money selling them to happy customers.
  • 2013 | New position upgrade at work!

    2013 was the year when i got the opportunity to learn almost every aspect of the road transportation. An upgrade to my job gave me new responsibilities that filled in the blanks that i had till that time. My new position made me:

    • Head of Insurance, Damages and Claims department, in which i was the sole person to deal with damages on goods or/and vehicles
    • Part of the Athens Branch team, in which i was responsible to make the daily deliveries program and
    • Part of the Accounting Office, in which i helped the accounting office with invoicing.

    During that time i was also assigned to be the spokesperson for the best client of the company. My duty was essentially to keep the client happy by helping his clients get their goods on time without any problems. In general i think it was a successful collaboration because with most of them we created friendly bonds.
  • At your service...

    That was a brief analysis of what Chris Karasoulis can do. If you like what you see there is more! Using the form below, you can ask for a printable PDF version of my CV, where you can find even more details about my knowledge, experience, hobbies and other details.

    Thanks for reading!


    Thessaloniki, Greece